According to Rabobank’s latest published ranking of global dairy companies Yili jumped into the Top 5 this year! This great achievement resulted from the fast organic growth Yili shows now for already many years (roughly a 15-20% growth year on year!). Our ambition was to reach this milestone in 2020 and we did!

In the second quarter of the year the turnover of Yili increased again with 22,5% up to 26,88 Billion RMB (about 3,23 Billion €). The net profit was about 287 million € in that period (up 79,3%). Over the first half year the overall turnover was 5,7 billion €, with a net profit of 451 million €. The results exceed expectations given the corona situation. Yili clearly remains the biggest dairy company in China/Asia.

Below the whole Top 20 of Rabobank.

In addition, Yili was also named ‘Most Valuable Dairy Brand’ in the Top 10 below.