The power of collaboration

Kadans Community

We take a pro-active approach to building our community, because we believe that the key to success lies in creating a network of people with shared goals and ambitions. Our specialised assets are not just unique in the spaces we design, it is the support and community in and around the building that truly makes it an environment in which scientific organisations can thrive.

Experience global reach with a local feel

Our properties are in close local proximity to world-leading research and talent. In collaboration with acclaimed organisations, we support and strengthen the local innovation ecosystem. We connect local science clusters in a valuable global network. This adds an extra dimension to our local clusters by providing opportunities to connect with others from our global network. By compiling our locations in one large network, clients get access to even more resources for talent, research and capital. Kadans’ Global Connectivity leverages the full power of our network of science clusters to support growth for our clients.


We aim to stimulate connections to share knowledge and resources in order to reach shared goals. We do so by actively organising opportunities for our clients to connect. Our business events provide cross-sector knowledge exchange. Our community events promote a fun and stimulating work environment. From local events to global initiatives, we get organisations talking to each other. 

Community Platform

The Kadans Community app is your first stop for insight into our network and everything it has to offer. Here, you can find other members of the Kadans Community, sign up for events and activities, stay up-to-date on news within your key sector or take advantage of various services our partners have to offer.

Business Development

To accelerate the success of our clients, Kadans offers the support of Ecosystem Managers. Through their expertise, our Ecosystem Managers take time to understand our clients’ business and connect them with the right organisations and resources. Thanks to frequent contact, they can easily establish meaningful connections and support in solving challenges our clients face.

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