Innovation for Health 2021 takes place digitally on April 15 and 16! Kadans Science Partner is Gold sponsor and we have a very special session for you:

‘How to create an ecosystem ready for future pandemics?

An expert session on the pros and cons of the production of medicines in the Netherlands.

Over the past year, the life sciences sector worldwide has worked incredibly hard on vaccines and treatments to fight the COVID-19 virus; the only way out of this pandemic. It is unprecedented that vaccination is happening as early as a year later. However, the development, production and distribution of the vaccines and other supplies needed in our fight against the virus has not been a smooth process so far. The global supply chain was seriously disrupted. In the Netherlands we are still experiencing this inconvenience on a daily basis. We are fighting the virus as effectively and as quickly as we can, but we are all aware that there is still room for improvement. Not only in the short term, to control COVID-19, but also in the (medium) long term to prevent future epidemics and pandemics.

How can we create an even more powerful life sciences and health ecosystem in the Netherlands, so that we can act even more adequately in the event of the next large-scale virus outbreak? Should we continue to focus on research and development or should we also concentrate on the production of medicines (again)? What facilities, knowledge and other preconditions do we need and are these available? And can we organize this ourselves or should we collaborate on a European or global scale?

Ton Vries – Head of Innovation at Symeres, Chairman Life Cooperative and Managing director Health Ageing Campus
Annemiek Verkamman – Managing director HollandBIO
René Buck – CEO Buck Consultants International

Join us on April 15 from 13:30 – 14:15 and April 16 from 15:30 – 16:15!