Lemon Goose strengthens brands, companies, agencies and bureaus with refreshing media and catchy content. Think film, photography, animation and sound design. Lemon Goose does this from their office in the AV House, on Kadans Science Partner’s TripleO Campus.

“We find that the collaboration with Kadans is very pleasant. The arrival of Jens and Saskia has made the relationship much more personal. They offer a listening ear and think along with everyone,” Fiorique Werger, project manager at Lemon Goose, says. “For example, they have been great in helping us realize our new office in the AV House, which has made for a pleasant transition from our old office to the new space.”

The TripleO campus is the center for creativity of Breda, this is also a big advantage for Lemon Goose according to Fiorique. “It is a very nice gathering place for activity. Companies from the same industry can help each other with practical matters, and it’s always cool to be able to interact with these companies whereby nice contacts are created.”

Companies that are not in the same industry also add value to the multi-tenant environment of the TripleO Campus, according to Fiorique. For example, Lemon Goose has had the opportunity to collaborate with different companies within the Kadan ecosystem and create beautiful things.