Kadans Science Partner is happy to welcome LeydenJar to Plus Ultra Leiden. LeydenJar has signed a long-term lease agreement and is moving from its current location on Leiden Bio Science Park to a larger space in Plus Ultra Leiden to build one of the largest battery laboratories in the Netherlands.  

LeydenJar, a start-up dedicated to new battery technology, has recently raised €22 mln from investors for the further development and production of their battery technology. The investment is a huge boost for the company to increase their capacity. Moving into Plus Ultra Leiden and establishing a battery laboratory is a key part to continue the growth of the company and to further develop its battery technology for a more sustainable future.

The technology of LeydenJar provides for batteries with 70% more energy density than the best batteries currently available in the market. This enables electric cars with a far larger action radius, smart phones that need to be charged less often or even electricity powered aircraft. The ultimate aim is to accelerate the energy transition.

“Leiden has been a natural base camp for us, facilitating our growth in subsequent locations in PLNT, Meelfabriek, BioPartner and now Plus Ultra. We are happy to take the next step in boosting battery energy, as a legacy to the original LeydenJar, invented in Leiden in 1745 by Pieter van Musschenbroek,” said Christiaan Rood, CEO of LeydenJar.

“We are happy to welcome LeydenJar to Plus Ultra Leiden. The company’s sustainable technology makes it a great addition to the ecosystem of Kadans and the Leiden Bio Science Park as we are all working towards a better future together. We are looking forward to facilitate their further growth,” said Johan van Gerven, Associate Director Acquisition & Development of Kadans Science Partner.

Plus Ultra Leiden will be the new R&D and business center at Leiden Bio Science Park specifically focused on life sciences and sustainability. By realizing many opportunities for meetings and events, the exchange of knowledge is promoted and collaboration between start-ups, scale-ups and large established companies and knowledge institutions are initiated. In addition, each organization becomes a part of the extensive international network of Kadans, with various services offered on top of the accommodation. Plus Ultra Leiden is currently being constructed and is expected to be completed later this year.