In the podcast Building the Future various experts discuss how they see the future. Various themes from life sciences, agrifood and high-tech sectors are covered. The unique thing about the podcasts is that the experts all come from within Kadans’ ecosystem. This makes the podcast not only a platform for Kadans partners to share their knowledge, but also a perfect illustration of how the ecosystem works: knowledge sharing, innovation and collaboration between different parties from industry, government and science.  

On Wageningen Campus, Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen and TU/e Campus in Eindhoven episodes are recorded in Kadans Science Partner buildings. Kadans has chosen to record the podcast at their own location and not in a studio. In the podcast experts are interviewed who met through the Kadans ecosystem. By recording on location, the uniqueness of the Kadans ecosystem is emphasized. Kadans Science Partner realizes buildings on several European campuses. With that, a diversity of community is realized through the combination of business, knowledge and research institutes, network organizations, universities and government. The strong mix of partners ensures many knowledge, innovation and R&D opportunities.

It is precisely this mix that creates interesting themes that are addressed in the podcast. What will the world look like in 20 years? Will we still be eating meat? What role will robots play in our lives? How soon will we really have a fully self-driving car? In Building the Future, various experts address how they see the future. They will talk about the latest innovations, explore the social debate and try to create a picture of the future. Because no matter what we think, fact is that the world is changing. Therefore collaboration is essential for innovation.

With this podcast series Kadans once again shows its ambition to create one strong ecosystem of science parks across Europe in which collaboration is sought between industry, universities, science parks and government. The podcast shows the developments, the collaborations and innovations within the industry that have been found. In this way, knowledge-intensive real estate is working on the future. With this podcast series Kadans gives its tenants a platform to share this knowledge with the outside world and illustrates the functioning of Kadans’ ecosystem.

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