Innovation center CITC likes to share. The research institute in advanced chip packaging technology not only offers access to lab infrastructure but also shares delicious coffee with its neighbors. Several companies are located in Kadans Building M at Novio Tech Campus, operational in a similar ecosystem. That makes it easy to catch-up. At the coffee machine, that is exactly how Radboudumc spin off Enzyre and CITC came to collaboration.

Waander van Heerde, Enzyre’s Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), tells us more about the Enzypad technology and CITC’s support: “As a developer of diagnostic technology, Enzyre is creating a platform-based diagnostic device; the Enzypad. The technology brings the lab to the patient via a lab-on-chip sensor solution.”

Waander describes the benefits for patients “It creates ease of mind as it avoids crisis situations and empowers patients to optimize their treatment. General Practitioners visits can be reduced. Besides, the tool can be used in a clinical setting.”
Partners involved with the Enzypad technology development are, among others, Radboud University, Radboud UMC, EPR and Sencio.

“Recently Enzyre was looking for small-scale production support in a research setting. CITC was a nearby partner with the right capabilities.” explains Waander. So he approached CITC at the coffee corridor asking for support. According to Marco Koelink, Business development Manager of CITC, this was a logical choice: “CITC’s lab is a key differentiator for customers. The lab contains all the equipment and tooling for packaging assembly technologies. High precision dispensing, automated pickup and die-attach, wire bonding, temperature profile curing, soldering and sintering are just a few examples. The capabilities to do fast prototyping for proof of principle samples are all there.”

CITC stepped in and supported Enzyre with the assembly of samples for the Enzypad technology. CITC performed die attach and wire bonding services for the Enzycard, a disease specific cartridge that allows measurement of multiple parameters simultaneously, and even made some functional samples. The Enzycard (credit card size) contains the multi-sensor PCB that is processed by the Enzypad. The pictures below show some examples of the work done by CITC.

There are several advantages to work with CITC continues Waander: “CITC works on the introduction of new chip packaging technologies and offers possibilities for small-scale production in a research setting. Other pros of working with CITC are the good infrastructure, being close to each other, short lines and flexibility.” He concludes: “The fact that all relevant parties involved in our chip development and production are located on or nearby the Novio Tech Campus is a huge benefit for Enzyre. Our neighbor CITC is a valuable addition to this ecosystem.”

CITC is proud being able to contribute to Enzyre’s Enzypad near patient testing technology.