The Leiden2022 Life Sciences & Health week, which takes place from Saturday 28 May to Sunday 5 June is starting to take shape. The following events have already been announced.

Public Regenerative Medicine Day

The LSH week kicks off with the Public Regenerative Medicine Day on Saturday 28 May. This day is organized by the Dutch Science Agenda (NWA) and offers a platform for everyone interested in this exciting topic. Would you like to contribute? Then contact NWA via

Museum Night

The Museum Night on Saturday 28 May is a perfect occasion to discover Leiden’s unique museums including Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, Naturalis and CORPUS. There will be a special Leiden2022 LSH program.


The exhibition Technophilia is on display from 16 March until 29 May at the Art Gallery of the LUMC. It portrays a futuristic world in which nature and technology have literally adapted to each other and have grown together. A lecture on this topic will be held in the LUMC Art Gallery on Sunday 29 May.

TK Challenge Bio Science Park Run

The TK Challenge Bio Science Park Run will take place on Sunday 29 May. This 5-6 km run through the LBSP is open to everyone and ties in nicely with the prevention and lifestyle theme of the LSH week. The revenues of the run will go to Willem Alexander Children’s Hospital in Leiden. Contact for more information.

Global Impact in Health Symposium

The scientific part of the LSH week will be officially opened on Monday 30 May with the Global Impact in Health Symposium. The importance of international academic, public and private partnerships in solving global health threats will be discussed during this symposium.


The EUFEPS/FIGON DMD Annual Meeting will take place from 1 to 3 June with the theme ‘Boosting sustainable drug development in Europe: Top science below sea level’. Check out the website for more information and the program.

Life Sciences Café

Join us on 2 June after work at the Life Sciences Café at Naturalis. We are very excited to organise our monthly network drinks in collaboration with EUFEPS/ FIGON DMD and Naturalis. Pre-register here.

Folding Life

The installation Folding Life from artist Ana Oosting will be opened on Friday 3 June at the LUMC Art Space. This artwork is inspired by protein structures and is produced in collaboration with the LUMC research group of Meindert Lamers.

Leiden Headcare Center into a new era symposium

The (inter)national symposium Leiden Headache Center into a new era on 4 and 5 June provides an overview of the latest findings and treatment options in the field of headache. This symposium provides the latest insights into various important headache diagnoses, headache mechanisms, and the latest treatment options. Participants will go home with knowledge about the state-of-the-art research findings and treatments for headaches.