Campus Groningen has successfully maintained its healthy pre-crisis growth rate. Today, Campus Groningen also provides more employment opportunities. This is primarily driven by its innovative vision towards the future, something that all the established parties here have in common.

Campus Groningen has managed to maintain a steady growth rate after being pronounced the fastest-growing campus in the Netherlands and the second largest campus in terms of employment three years ago. In 2020 Campus Groningen has recorded a remarkable growth of more than 10% in employment opportunities compared to 2019. The number of students has also risen by over 10%. In 2020 Campus Groningen boasted 230 companies, more than 20,000 jobs and over 50,000 students. “With an eye to the future and the drive to innovate, the parties on the campus have shown innovative strength and ensured that, even in times of crisis, we look beyond today. Proud that as the new chairman of the steering committee, I can be part of the impressive, fast-growing and innovative Campus Groningen”, says Koen Schuiling, Mayor of Groningen.

A healthy ecosystem

The employment rates, the number of companies and the number of students on Campus Groningen (locations Zernike Campus and Healthy Ageing Campus) show an upward trend. Campus Groningen is a healthy ecosystem where companies, knowledge institutions and the local government are continuously working towards solutions for the future. The 10% growth in employment opportunities is partly due to new startups and R&D departments settling on the Campus. The growth rate in relation to chemistry is particularly striking. In 2020, the startups Hercules Pharmaceuticals and SG Papertronics moved to the Campus, and we also welcomed Van Wijhe Verf. Van Wijhe Verf’s R&D department on the Campus is working on the renewal, sustainability and further development of quality paints, but their expertise can also contribute to sectors such as (polymer) chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology.

Lisanne Brakenhoff, manager Campus Groningen: “For those who have not noticed the growth of Campus Groningen yet, it is now inevitable. It is bustling and sparkling on Campus Groningen”.

Key role in the region

Through innovative ideas pursued at the Campus global issues such as the switch from fossil fuels to hydrogen are being tackled in Groningen, for instance with the arrival of a new Hydrohub MW Test Center and DNV’s hydrogen innovation center. Groningen has also laid the foundation for an innovative medicine strategy for the Netherlands and the rest of Europe, since constant availability of medicines is no longer something to be taken for granted. There is a great desire and urgency for more independent and secure ways of obtaining supplies. This has prompted the establishment of a coalition by Campus Groningen and the LIFE Cooperative. “These are good examples of working together at and around Campus Groningen. We are used to work together and the willingness to share knowledge is great. These qualities contribute to a growing appeal of the Campus and thus also growth in figures,” says Edward van der Meer, director of Campus Groningen.

Proven success

Confidence in Campus Groningen has significantly increased in recent years. Partners such as Rabobank Stad en Midden Groningen and NOM expect further growth and increasing innovative power from Campus Groningen. Based on this confidence, the Campus Community Fund (CCF) was established on 1 September 2020. This financing and investment platform invests a total of 500 million euros in Campus Groningen for its impact on the future. Campus Groningen expects rapid developments within the five core regional sectors, namely agri-food, energy, health, chemistry and digital economy.

Since its launch, the CCF has invested in the Innovation Center Chemistry & Engineering, SG Papertronics, Reperio Medtech and in major projects such as Open Diagnostics, Fascinating and 3D implants.