AMSYSTEMS, technology provider for innovate additive manufacturing technologies, has developed unique methods to disruptively fasten the speed of 3D printing. This includes a transparent polygon based light engine for SLA (Stereo Lithography Apparatus) printing processes. It speeds up exposure of resin via interconnected modules, each containing 20 laser diodes. With this method it is possible to produce a large number of products in a faster and more cost-effective way, without compromising on product quality. CITC assisted AMSYSTEMS in validating future production technology that is needed to assemble the exposure module.

Roeland Brugman, CEO & Founder of AMSYSTEMS, explains the cooperation “Our light engine is an exposure method based on Blu-ray laser diodes. We needed insight in the possibilities of using active alignment for lens to diode positioning and bonding. CITC was able to do a proof of principle analysis to see if it is feasible to align and bond a micro lens in front of a laser diode with μm accuracy. It would be a huge improvement if it could be done automatically instead by manual calibration.”

CITC’s Senior Micro-Electronic Packaging Engineer, Sander Dorrestein performed an assembly process flow by using an experimental set-up. At the end the experiments showed that it indeed is possible to use active alignment. Sander clarifies “It is possible to 1) manipulate the lens in all 6 degrees of freedom, 2) calibrate the focused spot and 3) assemble the lens onto the cooling block with minimal displacement. First results are very positive, but more experiments are recommended to indicate process stability and repeatability.”

According to Roeland working with CITC confirmed his earlier experiences: “By combining technologies of several domains you get multidisciplinary expertise that accelerates innovation. In this case CITC’s expertise in high complexity, extreme precision modules and cooperative, open mindset enabled things that seemed to be impossible. This way of working together demonstrated itself as very valuable.”

CITC is part of the high tech community at Novio Tech Campus.