The Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen was officially opened 7,5 years ago. While it started with the redevelopment of Building M, the campus has now grown with new buildings, new tenants, new collaborations and new innovations. To celebrate this moment, the campus has redecorated the outside recreational area. Though it is currently not possible to organize any physical events, the new area was opened yesterday. Kadans Science Partner was involved in the development of the campus from the very beginning. To celebrate this fruitful partnership, Kadans gifted a tree to the campus garden, symbolizing the growth we have been through together over the past 7,5 years.
Congratulations and let’s continue to support even more innovation in the next 7,5 years!

Photo: A Kadans delegation symbolically handed over the tree to the director of the Novio Tech Campus organization. From left to right: Reinoud van den Heuvel, Jeff Gielen, Rikus Wolbers (NTC), Chiel van Dijen and Pim van Os.