This is a very urgent request from King’s College London who is helping the British Army with the preparation of tens of thousands of neutralizing media tubes for swabs collection in the mobile labs and collection points around the country. They need an automated filling machine to help with sterile filling of collection buffers/tubes (3mL in 10mL capacity) for the COVID-19 project. Liquid handling stations/robots normally can do this up to 1mL which is already helpful but anything that can do the 3mL in one go would be the ideal. They need this ASAP, today already if possible. Please find a technical sheet describing the collection tubes here. Please note that the technical sheet does not state this, but the tubes will be sterile and will be filled under sterile GMP compliant conditions (the facility is GMP compliant already). If you work in a lab or know someone that has this type of equipment please send us an e-mail. We are all in this together and your help would be greatly appreciated by everyone in this country.

Many thanks in advance!