Aachen, 28th July 2022 – The collective Incubator, who is one of our most prominent tenants at the location, have been on the site for nearly a year. They offer projects and startups from the well-known RWTH University all the tools for success, including flex workplaces, a community of fellow innovators and financial advice.

Because of their long stay and amazing developments in the past year, they decided to celebrate this occasion with their own summer-festival on At the Park Aachen! The festival consisted of presentations, networking and a lot of other festive activities, which allowed us to enjoy seeing At the Park Aachen in a wondrous setting.

At the Park Aachen also received its first photoshoot as Team Sonnenwagen Aachen, which is one of the projects from The Collective Incubator, presented their three solar cars in the main hall. For more information about this project, visit their website.

Overall, some great news and activities from our location in Germany. We look forward to seeing what the future will bring for The Collective Incubator and At the Park Aachen!

Are you interested in more information about At the Park Aachen? Click here for the official website.