The Innovation Credit 2020 of the RVO  (Netherlands Enterprise Agency)  has been launched. Since February, it is possible to submit an application. The budget for 2020 is € 60 million: €30 million for technical development projects and €30 million for clinical development projects. In order to be entitled to claim the Innovation Credit you must work on a technical development of a new product or you are working on the clinical development of a medicine or device. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency would help you with your promising projects with high risks that banks and other investors will not invest in.

All companies, both start-ups and established companies (large or small), can benefit from the Innovation Credit. The size of the organization determines the percentage of credit that may be granted. The maximum credit for clinical development projects as of 7 February 2020 is € 5 million. For technical development projects, the maximum credit is € 10 million.

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