On Tuesday evening, October 19, the exciting finals of the Startup Award took place. A total of five finalists competed for this coveted award. Live in Theater Podium Bloos in Breda they pitched for an expert jury about their ambition and growth potential. The Award winner of 2021 is A Perfect Jane.

They received the Award from the hands of Jury President Nicole Campen for their pitch on offering a sustainable and vegan alternative for women’s shoes. This happened under the watchful eye of the 200-strong audience that attended the final.

Women’s shoes made of vegan leather

The new fashion brand manufactures its products in a sustainable way and wants to offer a trendy and animal suffering-free solution for its customers. Barely a year after its launch, the boots and shoes are already going around the world. A Perfect Jane wants to grow strongly and expand its product range in the coming years. This first Vegan & Sustainable fashion label of Dutch soil works with a team of entrepreneurs to realize these growth ambitions from Noord-Brabant.

About the jury

The expert jury consisting of Gilbert Gooijers (CM.com), Nicole Campen (Inkubis), Tom Straeter (Kadans Science Partner), Nick van Tellingen (DataLeaf Smart Software), Charlotte van Slobbe (De Investeerdersclub) and Fleur van Oorschot (TUX Mobility, Award Winner 2020) did not have an easy time choosing the final winner.

In the end, A Perfect Jane scored highest on the criterion Entrepreneurship and founder Suzanne Harper’s pitch was razor-sharp. With co-finalists Squad Mobility, You Lucky Bird, Your Thinker and HalloLex, this 7th edition was also a sizzling Award Final.

This year the professional jury evaluated almost fifty nominations of Startups from all over the Netherlands on criteria such as social impact, entrepreneurship, innovation and growth opportunities.

About Breda Startup

Breda Startup is a close-knit community of entrepreneurs and companies who value innovation and growth. Together we work towards a strong and resilient economy by sharing knowledge, decisiveness and networks. Every year we present the Startup Award to the most promising startup company of the year.

Startups, the creators of the future …

That The Startup Award is also appreciated nationally, is evident from the many nominations from all over the Netherlands. This year for the first time it was possible to participate from outside Breda.

Research has shown that startups are mainly concerned with solving current problems and have developed their own solutions for these problems. Startups provide innovation and contribute to the strengthening of our economy. The startup companies are mainly concerned with topics such as smart mobility, energy transition, sustainability, health and digitization.