Cambridge, February 28, 2023 – Kadans Science Partner has submitted its planning application for a new, purpose-built laboratory and office building at Merlin Place, Cambridge. Investment of this scale and Kadans’ dedication to design demonstrates the significance of new laboratory space in  Science and Technology industries and addresses the lack of space that is felt countrywide across the UK, but most acutely in the so-called ‘Golden Triangle.’

This new build development has been designed by Kadans’ in-house team alongside specialist professionals. To respond quickly and innovatively to the ever-changing landscape of scientific requirements, flexibility was a core driver in the design inception for Merlin Place. Considering structural grids, floor loadings, servicing, and operations, Kadans provides long-lasting and highly adaptable spaces. Matching these principles with informed space planning, the design of this building enhances space and light, fundamental to modern working environments and talent retention.

The scheme delivers robust lab infrastructure and empowers an ecosystem for further innovation. It  offers a communal space and much-needed additional café to the Cambridge North Cluster. Providing this will encourage tenants from across the cluster to come together and collaborate, while bringing Kadans’ world class knowledge in the design, development, delivery and operations of R&D buildings to the cluster. This development furthers the implementation of Kadans’ long-term model to bolster their presence and facilities within the world leading Cambridge cluster, one of the largest research & development clusters in Europe.

Edward Joslin, Development Director, Kadans Science Partner: “After extensive design work over 18 months and collaboration with the Cambridge City Council Planners, it is exciting to reach this important milestone in the programme and take a step closer in delivering our best-in-class science focused buildings.”

Katie Nelson, Senior Asset Manager, Kadans Science Partner: “It is so exciting to reach this milestone to provide much needed high quality lab space in a market that is suffering from chronic under supply. I am excited to deliver our hands-on asset management and ecosystem management further in this location, working with tenants who are making a positive impact in the world.”

Merlin Place Cambridge